Brownsville Tree Cabling & Bracing

Brownsville Tree Cabling

Tree cabling and bracing are methods of holding a tree together using high strength steel cable to provide a support to keep branches from moving around. Professional tree service technicians attach cables to brace your tree using long threaded rods placed into branches or tree stem, preventing the tree from splitting or dropping significant branches during high winds or inclement weather.

Brownsville tree service professionals can provide expert tree cabling and bracing to protect healthy trees that have developed structure issues, such as:

  • Tree stems that have become too large, heavy, or developed multiple stems
  • Lopsided tree canopy
  • Branches that move and twist excessively

Professional Cabling and Bracing Adds Years  to a Tree’s Life

Tree cabling and bracing performed by Brownsville tree service professionals can add many years to life of your tree. Proper, effective tree cabling can create significant increases in the tension between the trunk and branches, making the tree strong, healthy, and ready to live a long life on your property.

An exceptional team of Brownsville tree service care specialists will assess the health and positioning of your tree before making professional recommendations for your tree cabling and bracing options.

If you suspect weakening in your tree, an expert Brownsville tree service specialist can install a cabling and bracing system after identifying the signs of weakness and best spots to use for support. Once tree cabling and bracing systems are professionally installed, only periodic inspections of the rigging are needed to ensure the cabling is holding and working.

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