Brownsville Deep Root Fertilization

Brownsville Deep Root Fertilization

Your tree’s roots need a balance of nutrients in the soil to stay healthy and live a long life. Brownsville deep root fertilization is a process of injecting needed nutrients into the roots of your tree by experienced tree service experts.

Deep root fertilization improves the soil around the base of your tree by providing aeration in the soil, which enhances a tree’s ability to absorb essential nutrients into its root system. These nutrients improve your tree’s root functions and the general health of the tree. The process makes your tree and the soil around it healthier.

Deep Root Fertilization Helps Your Tree Stay Healthy

Trees growing in Brownsville’s residential areas can exhibit a number of reasons to need the process of deep root fertilization, including:

  • Competition from grass or other vegetation
  • Damage from weather or other source
  • Disease
  • Insects infestation
  • Lack of moisture
  • Construction on or near your property
  • Poor air quality in your community
  • Soil compaction

To keep your tree healthy, the deep root fertilization process should be repeated by a Brownsville tree service professional annually or bi-annually. In cases where your tree has developed severe root damage more treatments may be required to improve conditions in and around the root zone of your tree.

Tempting as it may seem, performing deep root fertilization for your tree on your own is not recommended. Professional tree service experts use industrial grade equipment and materials, and have years of experience dealing with any kind of complications or issues your tree may have.

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