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Here at Brownsville Tree Services, we are a team devoted to developing your property to its maximum potential through tree and shrub care.  With a full range of services, we go the extra mile to ensure that your trees will be healthy, and your landscape kept at optimal appearance.  Whether you are worried about the damage that a dead tree could cause or simply need assistance cleaning up after a storm, our team is here to help!  Our arborists have years of experience and understand what keeps trees looking their best.   With our removal and tree grinding services, we make it possible to get rid of unwanted trees and old stumps, while our deep root fertilization and trimming give trees a healthy boost.  Whether you simply have a small backyard tree that needs to be removed or a commercial property that is lined with shrubs, we are proud to provide the solution for jobs of all sizes!  Keep reading to discover more about our services.

Our Services

Tree Removal

Dead trees can present not only an eye-sore that works to lower a property’s value but also a danger to people and structures.  Here at Brownsville Tree Services, we strive to keep our clients safe by providing the best tree removal process.  Our team of professionals knows the best ways to anchor trees so that they can be cut down and removed without causing any damage to the surrounding area.  Through our quality Brownsville tree removal services, we seek to keep the people you care about safe while enhancing the appearance of your property along with increasing its value. 

Stump Grinding & Removal

Unsightly stumps present an ugly nuisance to homeowners, making it difficult to keep the area mowed and impossible to do any landscaping.  Our team is proud to offer the finest in stump grinding and removal.  Using our equipment, we will remove the stump at the root, grinding it up so that it can easily be taken away.  When we have finished the removal process, you won’t be able to tell that the stump was ever there, giving you the chance to landscape the area exactly as you want!   Thanks to our stump grinding and removal services, you can enjoy the freedom of taking back control of your lawn and landscape! 

Tree & Bush Trimming

Trees and bushes can add a touch of beauty to any area; however, when they become overgrown, they quickly turn overwhelming and seem impossible to manage.  At Brownsville Tree Services, our team of professionals know exactly how to trim trees and bushes to the appropriate size, maximizing their aesthetic value and restoring them to their original beauty.  With our tree trimming Brownsville services, you can rest assured that your trees look their best while eliminating worry about them scratching passing vehicles and obstructing walkways.  The team at Brownsville Tree Services will work to provide trimming that enhances your property’s appearance while giving the trees the ability to thrive and remain healthy. 

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Sometimes, home and business-owners are discouraged to discover that a tree they value has become damaged or is struggling under the weight of heavy branches.  While the thought of removing the tree can be heartbreaking, leaving it alone can be dangerous – thankfully, there is alternative solution!  At Brownsville Tree Services we are proud to offer tree cabling and bracing.  These methods work to support a damaged or weak limb or section of tree, making it possible for the tree to continue to thrive without worrying that limbs will fall.  These methods can also be used to make driveways more accessible without cutting into the tree. 

Deep Root Fertilization

Having beautiful trees involves a lot more than simply putting a sapling in the ground and leaving it to grow.  To maximize a tree’s potential, it’s important that it have the proper fertilization.  We are excited to offer our clients deep root fertilization services.  For this process, we insert the nutrient-rich fertilizer directly into the root zone of the trees.  The fertilization service works to put the injection 12-14 inches into the soil, providing the tree with the extra nutrients and oxygen necessary to enhance growth and over-all health.  The end result is a beautiful, healthy tree that can reach its maximum growth potential. 

Storm Damage Clean Up

Storms can present serious damage to property and structures, and trees are no exception.  When storms go through the area, trees are often injured.  Here at Brownsville Tree Services, we are proud to have a full team of arborists who can provide complete clean up after a storm damage.  We can pinpoint which trees are damaged beyond hope and which ones can be repaired.  We will work to remove trees and bushes that are destroyed, and then put up cabling and bracing to protect those that have experienced more simple damage.  When you hire Brownsville Tree Services to help with your storm damage clean up, you can expect to receive quality service that restores your property to its pre-storm beauty. 

Commercial Tree Services

Business owners face a difficult decision as they look to improve their landscape, making it a welcome area for guests and customers.  Brownsville Tree Services is proud to offer a full line of commercial tree services.  Our team of experts will happily help you to accomplish your landscaping dreams by removing unwanted trees, grinding stumps, and caring for existing trees and shrubs with trimming services.  Whether you are landscaping a large apartment building or simply a small grocery store, by having beautiful trees, you can enhance your property value and attract the customers you want. 

Our Happy Customers

They did a great job trimming the trees at our house. We were given a reasonable estimate and are happy with the job done. We will hire your team again!
Eric Conners
Some big branches has fallen in our backyard during a big storm. The Brownsville tree services team came out and gave us a quote. Very happy with their quick work.
Amy Sheffield

How Can We Help You?

Tree issues can lead to damaged automobiles, houses, and even individuals.  Here at Brownsville Tree Services, we are proud to help our customers with a wide range of tree solutions.  Don’t wait until disaster strikes to get in touch with a tree removal service; instead, find the solution to the problem before you are facing large repair expenses!  Contact us today to learn more about our tree services and discover how we can help you.